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Always review the vehicle owner’s manual prior to purchasing a towing system. The owner’s manual has helpful information about the vehicle’s capabilities, capacities and limitations. It’s also important ot be aware of the different laws and restrictions between states. The State patrol is a good resource for this information.

How do I find out which hitch fit my vehicle?

At retailer, ask store clerk to contact the customer service department  to locate vehicle specific products such as hitches, rail kits, and T-connectors.

How can I get keys to my locks?

The only way to obtain extra/replacement keys is to call the customer service department at and supply a representative with the letter/number combination that is imprinted on the actual key itself. If a key number cannot be provided, a replacement cannot be sent.

Why do the holes of hitch brackets not line up with the holes in my vehicle frame

Some of the trailer hitches require that holes be drilled into the vehicles frame for proper hitch placement. Double check the instructions provided with the hitch to see if drilling is a requirement for the installation.

How do I prevent my towing products (ball mounts, locks, etc.) from rusting?

It is recommended that when these types of products are not in use, that they are stored in a dry location away from extreme weather/ excessive moisture. Also, it is recommended that these products are cleaned/lubricated with good penetrating oil to prevent rust build-up and corrosion.

What does GTW mean?

GTW stand for “Gross Trailer Weight”. This weight capacity measurement is a combination of the weight of the trailer and the weight of the load in/on the trailer.

What does TW mean?

TW stands for “Tongue Weight”. This weight capacity measurement is the amount of weight that can be applied safely to the trailer tongue and hitch ball.

Why don't the brackets for the adjustable tow bar fit properly on my vehicle?

The brackets are considered to have a “universal fit”. They will fit most applications, but not all. BLUE OX is a company that can make custom base plates for a vehicle that you want to tow. Their phone number is 1-800-228-9289. We are  not responsible for any damages resulting from any products added or attached to the tow bar.

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