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1, This bicycle rack has been designed to carry a maximum of two bikes

2, When used as a two bike carrier, DO NOT EXCEED maximum of 100 lbs.

3, This rack is designed for typical use and applications( on paved or smooth gravel roads). Do not use this rack on a vehicle that will be  driven on rough roads or where the rack will be subjected to significant or constant jarring and/r shock. Or any vehicle with very stiff springs that will transfer the load shocks directly to the rack and the bikes.

4, Always check all pins, clips, fasteners, clamp knobs, cam levers, and straps for tightness prior to each  trip

5, Check  security of bicycles at fuel and rest stops.

6, Replace straps if they appear worn or frayed

7, Keep straps clean and free of debris to ensure good hook and loop engagment


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